Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible in 90 Days - Day 19

Bible in 90 Days Day 19 Using the SOAP Method


Judges 15:13-20 to I Samuel 2: 1-29


Judges 15 Samson again escapes from the Philistines

16 Samson fell in love with Deliah who was not a good woman, but a deceiver, a user and a liar

17 A Levite priest comes to live and work with Micah who served gods other than God

18 The Levite left the house of Micah to be a priest over the tribe of Dan and took the idols from Micah’s house with him

19 The story of a man and his concubine and the man divided her into 12 parts and shipped them throughout Israel (I did not understand this chapter)

20 The tribes of Israel gathered to discuss the concubine and were told by the Levite that his concubine was raped and left dead. The Israelites agreed to go and fight the perpetrators but the Benjaminites decided not to wait for the rest and had problems because of that and the other tribes turned against them

21 The tribes of Israel agreed not to allow their children to marry with the tribe of Benjamin so the Benjaminites ended up marrying with the children of shiloh so the tribe would not die out

Ruth 1 The story of Ruth, a widow, and her mother in law Naomi and Ruth refused to leave her mother in law to go back to her parents after the death of Ruth’s husband

2 Ruth went to gather after the workers in the fields of a relative of Naomi’s so that she and Naomi could survive and Ruth found favor in the eyes of Boaz, the owner of the field

3 Naomi tells her daughter in law to go to Boaz to win his favor and he agrees that if no other relative is available to marry her, he will

4 Boaz purchased Ruth as his wife and she had a son

I Samuel 1 The story of Samuel’s birth from a mother who had been barren and teased for being barren

2 Samuel’s mother, Hannah, praised God for giving her a son that she dedicated to God


Of course, the famous story of Samson and Delilah caught my attention. What stood out to me now, as always, is the fact that Samson knew Delilah was not good and was trying to destroy him, but he continued to act as though she was a good and true woman. One thing we must learn is not to cast our pearls before swine. If a person proves themselves to be unworthy of trust repeatedly, as Delilah did, we should not continue to allow that person into a position to destroy us.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for the new day, for new revelations and for new life. I thank you fo r allowing me to read your word and having a new chance to learn at your feet. I respectfully ask that you give me discernment and help me to see what people have in their hearts so that I can act accordingly. As always, I will give you the glory, the honor and the praise. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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