Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't Procrastinate - Take Action Now and Do It

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It is terrific to learn to defeat procrastination by selecting the most important thing and doing that thing. Despite warnings to the contrary, every day, people put off until tomorrow things they should and could do today. This phenomenon is called procrastination. There are as many reasons for procrastination as there are procrastinators. Procrastination is the enemy of progress and the friend of failure. If there is something you want to get done, no matter what it is, stop procrastinating. One way to do that is to pick the most important task at the start of each day. Continue reading No Procrastination – Pick Something and Do It!

Take Action Now - It's Your Dream - Make It Happen

take action now www.janeanesworld.com
It is magnificent to take action now and realize it is your dream and you can make it happen. One of my favorite and best things to do is TAN. What is TAN? TAN means to Take Action Now, to start doing what needs to be done. When you take action now you leave the world of “what if” and enter the world of “yes, I am doing this.” The world is full of reasons to sit back and wait, to put off until tomorrow. That is a fact everyone seems to know very well. The world is full of excuses. You know, the excuses that keep you from accomplishing your dreams: Continue reading Take Action Now – It’s Your Dream – Make It Happen

Strategic Thinking- Decide Something

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It is wonderful to learn to do strategic thinking and to be able to decide something as a result. As part of a series on strategic thinking I have written about what strategic thinking is and how to do it, the part of anticipation, how challenge relates to strategic thinking, and what it means to interpret when doing strategic thinking. This article will explore what it means to decide when you are doing strategic thinking. Before we begin, to look at what it means to decide, let’s review the components of strategic thinking.
Strategic thinking involves several different components. These components include:
1. Anticipation – the ability and use of peripheral vision, the ability to think three or more moves ahead
2. Challenge – the act of questioning, reframing, digging into the roots of a matter
3. Interpret - being able to figure out patterns from multiple data sources
4. Decide - the act of taking a stand, balancing speed and quality in making a determination
5. Align – get all interested parties, all stakeholders with their divergent views to come together
6. Learn – the ability to use failures and successes as resources, debrief and adjust thinking action to match changing circumstances Continue reading Stategic Thinking – Decide Something

Take Action Now - Start Where You Are

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It is magnificent to take action now and do something great – start where you are. There are so many people all around the world with great plans and wonderful ideas of things they would like to do “one day.” You have heard them, they talk about all the things they will do one day when:

  • they lose another 15 pounds
  • they get a college degree
  • the children get out of the house
  • the business is on firmer footing
  • when the world is perfectly aligned with the moon and the stars

There is something funny about “one day.” The funny thing is that it is not on the calendar.Continue reading Take Action Now Start Where You Are

Take Action Now Even If It Is Hard

take action now even if hard www.janeanesworld.com
It is magnificent to take action now even if it is hard. To take action now means to do what is necessary, right now at this very moment, to get done what needs to be done. It may sound like a very easy concept. It is not always easy to take action now, to start at this very moment to do what needs to be done. However easy or not you must take action now if you want to succeed in life. After all, a reality of life is that sometimes it will be very hard to take action now. At those times, even on the worst day of your life you must find a way to take action now and get things done. Continue reading Take Action Now Even If It Is Hard