Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 3 21 Day Plan for Busy Women

093011 Day 3 21 Day Plan

The scripture for Day 3 of the 21 Day Plan For Busy Women is I Samuel 26: 1-39 and features Abgail. Abigail was a woman with internal and external beauty. She was married to a rich but mean and evil man. David travelled to Nabal's territory and requested kindness but instead was treated with rudeness and disrespect. David wanted to respond by killing Nabal. When Abigail heard the news, she immediately jumped into action to intercede and stop David's mission. She was able to stop the destruction of Nabal's household, but Nabal still had to pay God for his sinful behavior.

As wives and women of God it is not uncommon for us to be called upon to fix something our husbands have done. What we must keep in mind is that while we are called upon to intercede we cannot aways stop our husbands having to pay the price for their sins.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 2 21 Day Plan for Busy Women

092911 Day 2 - 21 Day Plan or Busy Women

The scriptures for Day 2 of the 21 Day Plan for Busy Women are Judges 16:4-22 and I Kings 21: 1-16. These two passages give us insight into two well known women from the Bible - Delilah and Jezebel. Delilah conspired with Sansom's enemies and gave Sansom's ememies the secret of Sansom's strength. As a result, Sansom's enemies were able to capture and bind Sansom. (Judges 16: 4-22) Jezebel lied, schemed and caused the death of another in order to further her husand's goals. (I Kings 21: 1-16)

These are perhaps two of the most reviled figures in history. I must admit, I have never liked Delilah. Even as a child I did not understand how a woman could intentionally and repeatedly betray a man she was suppose to love. Simultaneously, I not understand why Sansom gave the secret of his power and strength to a woman who proved herself to be unworthy of the secret. I always dislked Jezebel for her unethical behavior. However, I pitied Jezebel for her ultimate fate of being eaten by dogs. Instead of using her power and intelligence for good, she lied, conspired, caused a loss of life and her huband to be cursed.

Perhaps the lesson learned from reading about these two women is that as women we have great deal of power that we can use both for and against the men in our lives. What we must realize is that our actions have consequences lasting throughout eternity. As busy women, we have a limited amount of time and an unlimited amount of things to do. We must use our power for good because when the history books tell ourstory, we do not want to be ashamed of what the pages say.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 1 - 21 Day Plan For Busy Women

I have just started the "21 Day Plan for Busy Women." As a wife, mother of four and business owner, I am defintely a busy woman. I am taking the next 21 days to explore the Bible's advice for busy women like myself.

As busy wives and mothers, we need to remember that we are the very defintion of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. As Christian women, we are, like Mary, with God and blessed among women. (v 28) Often we are forced by the realities of life to do so many things for so many people. At those times we must realize that we are not alone and that there are blessings in the work we do. We can stand tall and not be afraid because we have found favor with God. (v30) It is good idea to talk with God and to ask Him questions about His plans. (v 34). God will answer our questions and not leave us without the information we need. (v 35) We must step out on faith and know that all things, all our hopes and dream are possible with God. (v 37) In addition, just as Elisabeth was happy when Mary was blessed by God we should find the time to be happy about the blessings received by others. (v 38) Perhaps on of the most amazing ideas is that God sees us were we are and can call us into greatness. (v 48)

In sum, my first day in this 21 day journey has been a good one and has encouraged me in my pursuit to be a better woman.