Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Take Action Now – Control Your Emotions

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It is magnificent to take action now and to handle your emotions while you do it. When we take action now, we step up to the plate and do the things necessary to get things done. There are many reasons why people do not take action now, and instead stall, procrastinate and think of reasons not to move forward. One of the big reasons is a lack of control of emotions, good emotions and bad emotions.
It is important to be able to identify and handle your emotions. This is important because when emotions cannot be identified and handled, they can cripple and cause action not to be taken or to be taken in vain. Human beings are multipart creatures –mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. When we take action now we must take into account all parts of ourselves. In other words, do not take the emotion out of the equation when you take action now, instead, recognize the emotions that exist or will come into play and use that as part of your move to take action now. Continue reading Take Action Now – Control Your Emotions

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Help Yourself Get Better at Strategic Thinking – Challenge

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It is wonderful to learn to help yourself to do strategic thinking by understanding the role of challenge. Many people believe they know how to think, that they are good at figuring things out. The truth of the matter is that most people are not good thinkers. They are not good thinkers because they think on the fly instead of according to a plan. No matter what you are thinking about, no matter what you have to do it is important to do strategic thinking instead of on the fly thinking. Continue reading Help Yourself Get Better at Strategic Thinking – Challenge

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get a Handle on Procrastination – Just Say No

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It is terrific to know you can get a handle on procrastination by learning that it is okay to say “no.” Procrastination is typically defined as postponing to do something, particularly postponing to do something as a regular practice. There are of course almost as many reasons for procrastination as there are people who procrastinate. Fortunately for those who want stop procrastinating, there are also almost as many possible solutions.
One reason people procrastinate is because they have to many things to do and they feel overwhelmed by it all. A person with this problem usually has several people asking her to do things at the same time and she finds it difficult to say no. However, this woman must learn to say no at selective times to select requests so that she does not become overwhelmed by an unmanageable to do list and does not fall back on procrastination.   Continue reading Get a Handle on Procrastination – Just Say No

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Take Action Now and Feel Fantastic About It

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It is magnificent to take action now and succeed because you will be able to accomplish the fantastic things in your dreams. It is always perfect weather to TAN aka take action now. When a person takes action now, she starts doing things now, at this very moment to achieve her dreams.When you take action now, you get up and start moving on a project rather than waiting for some “perfect time” to occur. It is in taking action now that we make those fantastic dreams we have for the future our reality. Continue reading Take Action Now and Feel Fantastic About It

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Debt – It Exists – Don’t Hide From It

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It is fantastic to recognize that debt is real and not be afraid of it, face it head on and control it. Debt is a matter of life. It exists and for the most part like death and taxes it cannot be avoided. It is important to get a good and healthy attitude toward debt. If you have debt, admit it exists, don’t from it. After all, unless you take action now,  it will not go away.
Take a look at your finances both professional and personal. If your look reveals any of the following, you have debt:

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 Questions to Ask to Create Your Mission Statement

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It is fantastic to create a mission statement and then to use it to govern how you run your business. Most often a mission statement is defined as a statement of an organization’s purpose, its reason for existing. It is often said, you can’t get where you are going if you don’t know where you are. Think about your business, your blog or your home. What do you want to do and for whom do you want to do it? That is your mission, that is your purpose. Do you have a clearly defined mission statement for your business, blog or home? If yes, good for you, you are ahead of the game and ready to act on purpose. If you do not have a written mission statement that you can follow grab a pen and paper or your favorite electronic device and get ready to do some work. Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask to Create Your Mission Statement

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Action A to Z Challenge www.janeanesworld.com

It is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by taking the knowing the right action to take. This might seem like a simple point when you first read it. In reality, it is not simple at all. Most people have to do lists that are longer than their arms. Trying to figure out what activity to do is not always easy. The fact that the to do list is long and all the tasks seem important makes it difficult to figure out what to do. This activity causes people to sit paralyzed and afraid to act. The lists are full of all kinds of activities. Some are easy and others are hard. Some are enjoyable and some are a terrible chore. other words, this method of action will provide the best return on investment for you. The investment is your time and you wan to use it, spend it wisely.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Take Action Now – Don’t Let Fear Stop You

It is magnificent to TAN aka take action now because there  no reward for fear.  A reality of life is that nothing gets done until action takes place. That is the idea behind the phrase “take action now.” The point is that procrastination must stop, and a way to get things done must be found. One thing that keeps people from taking action now and getting things done is fear. Fear is commonly defined as an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension because of the anticipation of danger. There are several approaches to dealing with fear. One approach is to hide, procrastinate or be paralyzed. Another reaction is to put on the big girl panties, suck up the fear and to move, to take action now even though the fear is present. Continue reading Take Action Now – Don’t Let Fear Stop You