Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 47

Bible in 90 Days Day 47 Using the SOAP Method


Proverbs 7 to Proverbs 20: 1 - 21


7 Solomon tells his sons to keep the commandments and laws and to look at wisdom as a sister or kinswoman

8 Solomon describes wisdom as what kings use to wise, as better than riches and as a good foundation

9 Solomon describes fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom

10 Solomon compares wisdom a good thing to foolishness a bad and destructive thing

11 Solomon talks about how important integrity is and how God hates dishonesty in anything

12 Solomon says that a person who loves instruction loves knowledge and discusses the various ways virtual behavior is pleasing to God

13 Solomon compares good men to wicked men

14 Solomon describes the wise and righteous as those who build good houses and the wicked and foolish as those who build houses that fall and will not stand

15 Solomon describes righteous behavior and how it is pleasing to God and how the wicked are an abomination to God

16 Solomon discusses how men think all their ways are good, but God knows the true measure of man. God knows the heart which can deceive others, but not God.

17 Solomon continues to compare foolish and wise behavior and advises us to be happy because a merry heart does good like medicine. And wisdom leads to happiness.

18 Solomon talks about the power of the tongue which shows the goodness or badness of the heart and thus of the man

19 Solomon describes how the righteous please god and seek God’s counsel which is strong and how the lazy, scornful an d wicked waste resources

20 Solomon describes the characteristics of people tha make them wise or foolish




In this group of scriptures Solomon seems to extol the virtues of wisdom and talks about wisdom will get a person riches, happiness and more importantly, favor with God. This group of scriptures reminds me that in all my getting, I need to get wisdom. I need to constantly ask God for wisdom and advice on how to make wise decisions. Wisdom starts with fear of God. I have that part covered. I now need to work on the rest of the wisdom picture. I need to get wisdom so that I can run my home and business properly and have better interactions with the other people in my home and the world.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for all things. I thank you for giving me your word so that I can study and read and learn about you. Lord please help me to continue to read and study. Help me to hide your word in my heart so that I can be righteous in your site. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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