Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 45

Bible in 90 Days Day 45 Using the SOAP Method


Psalm 109 to Psalm 134


109 David asks that God give him peace and reward the evil of his enemies with evil

110 David says God told him David would sit at the right hand of God and his enemies would be judged by God

111 David says he will praise God and that the works of God will be known forever

112 David says he will praise the Lord and that those who praise the Lord will be blessed and the wicked will see them and be grieved

113 David says to praise the Lord and that the Lord can raise up the poor to greatness

114 David says that even the rivers and the earth are bowed back by the might and power of God in God’s people

115 David says that glory should be given to God and not the people of God

116 David says he loves God because when death was all around, God saved him

117 David says praise god because his merciful kindness and truth lasts forever

118 David tells the people to give thanks to God because God is good and will always be there and that David will exalt and praise God

119 David gives an alphabet of prayers and praise to God

120 David says he cried out for God and God heard him when he was surrounded by warring enemies

121 David says he looks to the hills where help was and God was there to deliver him

122 David says he was glad when he was called into the house of God because there he could seek God’s goodness

123 David says he will look to the heavens for mercy

124 David says that if it had not been for God he would have been defeated by his enemies

125 David says that those who trust in God shall be as unmovable as mountains

126 David says those that sow to God in tears shall reap in joy

127 David says that if God does not bless the efforts of the workers, the work is in vain

128 David says that those who fear the Lord will be blessed in all ways

129 David says his enemies have come against him many time but when he called on God, God helped him

130 David says he called on God when he had done wrong and from the depths of despair, God heard him

131 David says to God that David is not haughty and tat the people should put their hope in God

132 David asks God to remember David now that David is in trouble and needs help

133 David says it is good for brothers to live together in peace and harmony

134 David tells the people to bless God because God made heaven and earth


What stands out in my mind about this group of scriptures is the fact that David praises God in all things. He praises God when he is blessed and David praises God when he is afflicted. David recognizes that sometimes he has done wrong and deserves the punishment or trouble that he has. But David also realizes that God is still his father and that if David calls on God, God will answer him. David knows that if he humbles himself, seeks Gods face, turns from his wicked ways and prays, God will hear David and restore him. This is something all of us could stand to do - praise God in all things and remember that even when you have done wrong and your enemies or circumstances fill you with sadness and despair, call on God and God will answer you, save you and protect you.



Heavenly Father, as always I thank you for all the things you have done, so many things in so many ways that it is impossible to count. Lord I humble myself and lay before you seeking your face, turn from my sinful ways, turn from my wrong doing and pray. I pray that you use me as you see fit. I pray that you help me to see your vision for my life. I pray that you help me to be what you want. I pray that when people see me, my life, my blessings and how I have overcome that they do not see me but see you in me. I pray that people see the God in me and want to get closer to you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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