Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bible in 90 days Day 57

Bible in 90 Days Day 57 Using the SOAP Method


Jeremiah 23: 9 - 40 to Jeremiah 33 1 - 22


23 God will bring great distress upon the people because they do not obey the will of God and God calls himself a God on hand, not a God afar off

24 God will divide the people - those that serve him and those that do not like a person divides fruit into edible and non-edible piles

25 Those that lead the people and lead them not in the way of God will be punished severely

26 Warning is given that God will make the land like Shiloh and the people will be harmed if thy do not follow the will of God

27 God says the people that were carried away in bondage shall remain that way until He returns to set them free

28 God talks about who he has placed yokes upon and who he has freed from yokes

29 God tells the people who He has allowed to be taken captive to live and make lives for themselves as normal until He comes and frees them

30 God says He shall deliver His people into bondage again, but they will call on Him, and He will set them free agin

31 God talks about how his people who were in bondage will be saved by grace

32 God is great and can pay men according to the work they have done

33 God says that even in the bad place of sadness, joy will be heard again


Many of the verses in this section of scriptures reminds me of the coming of Christ. There is a lot of talk about grace and the coming of something that will save the people and rescue them from the punishment received for their wrong doing. Over and over while reading I was struck by the images foreshadowing the coming of Christ.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for all things. I thank you for waking me up clothed in my right mind with my family. I thank you for being my Lord and my God. Father I ask that you continue to bless me, to solve my problems which I give to you because I do not know what to do to solve them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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