Monday, September 13, 2010

Bible in 90 days day 62

Bible in 90 Days Day 62 Using the SOAP Method


Ezekiel 12:21 - 28 to Ezekiel 23: 1- 39


12 God tells His people that His word will come to pass and He will not prolong the peoples’ days

13 God talks about the failings of the prophets of Israel that have not gone in the gap and have not made a hedge of protection around the people

14 God asks why He should listen to people who have idols to false gods in their hearts

15 God says His identity will be unquestioned when He sets His face against His enemy

16 God talks about how the people of Jerusalem need to look at their failings and the consequences of those failings

17 God promises to pay those who despise His covenants and break them

18 God discusses how a righteous man can die in sin and be punished as a sinner and a unrighteous man can die in righteousness and receive the reward of the righteous

19 God says the lament should be felt for Israel because of their wrong doing

20 The Israelites came to enquire of God and God gave the people a history of their dealings with God

21 God says He will deliver the people into the hands of brutish men who want to destroy due to their disobedience

22 God talks about how the prophets have turned away from their duty and will be punished

23 God compares the people’s worship of false gods as whoredom and equally deserving of punishment


This group of scriptures again describes in detail the great amount of punishment and suffering that will befall those who fail to follow the precepts of God. It is truly scary just how much pain comes from not following the word of God. It is incredible to me that the Israelites who saw God directly and experienced the plagues of the Egyptians and the parting of the Red Sea still could turn from God to false idols!



Heavenly Father, thank you for waking me up safe and secure with my family. Lord please help me to be a better wife and mother. Help me to be what you want me to be. Help me to be a better wife and mother. Lord I want to stay in your will and to stay away from iniquity. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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