Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/12 Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday- because it is wonderful to give others the gift of receiving a piece of happiness. This past Friday I got a surprise that made me smile with joy and forced me to smile uncontrollably. In fact, I am smiling again now, just thinking about it. A package was left on my doorstep by UPS. When I received it I didn't believe it was for me. It was a two foot tall box. I read the box, I did not recognize the sender's address and wasn't expecting anything from that particular company. I slowly and carefully ripped open the box. Inside I found beautiful flowers and a vase. I was still amazed. I asked my husband if he had sent me flowers and he had not. I read the card inside and the flowers were from a friend who was thanking me for being a friend. He thanked me for a small favor I had done for him and said that the support and friendship he had received from my husband and I over the years was important to him. I was shocked. The favor I had done for him a few weeks earlier was really just a small thing in my mind. I had been supportive of him in efforts over the years because he was a nice person, a truly sweet person who I respected and liked. Receiving those flowers was a huge deal to me. Not just because they were beautiful and my entire family has enjoyed looking at them, smelling them and admiring them. It was a huge deal because it made me realize that I want to share that feeling with other people. I want to give other people the feeling I received on Saturday. I want to start giving people small gifts, little pieces of happiness for no reason, just because they are people in my circle whom I value. So, that gift of flowers was more than just a few pretty stems and leaves, it was a life changer and I am happy about that, it is a wonderful thing. Wonderful Wednesday- be wonderful by giving a little piece of joy to a friend for no reason, just spread joy.

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