Friday, June 15, 2012

6/15/12 Fantastic Friday - Finding a Way Out of No Way

Fantastic Friday - when you live your life looking for miracles and expecting the impossible, it is terrific when they show up!

People who read this blog on a regular basis know that I spend my life looking for miracles, expecting the impossible and believing the sky is the limit. My faith in God has never been unrewarded or proven to be a mistake. My faith sustains me in hard, impossibly hard times. My faith strengthens me and delights me in good times. As an intelligent woman, I acknowledge the fact that not everyone shares my beliefs.

However, that does not change the fact that we are often required to do the impossible, to make something from nothing or to find a way out of no way. It is a simple fact that sometimes life is hard. When life is hard, when we have been beaten down we must still find a way to go on. As my twins say, we still need to "Chick up." So the idea for this fantastic Friday series is how do you find your way to suck it up and move on? You must find a method, you must find a way.

That is what this new fantastic Friday- Finding a Way Out of No Way will be about. I find my way by calling out to God and He send methods. Sometimes the way out is by using your  self determination. On other occasions, the way out is by joining forces with another person. At other times, the way out is being rescued by someone you don't know at all. In the end, when you are trapped in a bad situation and need to be free, the how of salvation is not as important as the fact of salvation itself.

So the question for you this fantastic Friday is what are you doing to make a way out of no way?

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