Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7/2/12 Terrific Tuesday - Taming the To Do List

Terrific Tuesday - sometimes it is terrific to see a thing on your to do list and just that that thing go.

We place things on our to do lists for a reason. Normally the reason is that the things need to get done. The items on our to do lists serve a purpose. They remind us of what we need to do, of steps on our journey. However, sometimes things on our to do list don't need to get done, but need to be let go.  A thing we put on the to do list on Monday, planning to do it on Thursday, may become obsolete before it is completed. 

We are bombarded with advice about completing things on our to do list. At times, it seems that we become slaves to the list. Once an item is on the to do list, we keep it there for all eternity if need be until that thing is completed and moved off the list.


Our to do lists are long and more often than not, contain too many things. So, we must be brave and not afraid to let some of the things go. We all have watched the TV show hoarders and been filled with curiousity, wonder and amazement at how a person could collect so much stuff. When we do that, we do not think about the things we collect and add to our to do lists and leave there long after they should have been thrown away. Sometimes you really need to let things go, like the following song from T-Bone says, "Let That Thing Go"

T-Bone "Let That Thing Go"

There are so many things we keep on the to do lists that need to be let go. Some things are kept by our own choosing. Other things stay on the lists because they are important to other people.  The fact remains, at times, we need to look at the list and let things go in order to make life better and more fulfilling. So the question for you this terrific Tuesday is what are you going to remove from rotation on your to do list? 

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