Monday, July 16, 2012

Magnificent Monday - Dream a Big Dream

Magnificent Monday - there is something truly magnificent about having the courage to dream a big dream and making the dream come true.

It takes courage to dream a big dream. Most people like to live in safe and secure manner. They never step out of bounds and never try to do anything different that may be a little hard. For most people predictability and stability are more important than the rewards that come from bravery and potential success. It takes courage to dream a big dream. Often people who are afraid to dream a big dream because big dreams are scary and require work and dedication. But the dream, the big dream is the start of bigger and more wonderful things.

Dreaming a big dream opens a person up to the possibility of having to change and get uncomfortable. Moving from being a 9 to 5 employee with a dependable every other Friday paycheck to a self employed entrepreneur with uncertain pay dates is a big dream. It is a scary dream. The truth is, it's not actually the dream itself that is the scary part. The scary thing is the making the dream come true part. Action is always scarier than sitting and thinking about what is to come, or what could happen. When we dream big dreams there are big things possible. But at the same time, the big dreams require big work and big work is scary. 

I am a Christian woman, a wife and a mother. None of those roles allow me to be afraid of dreaming big dreams. As a Christian woman I have been taught that God has not given me spirit of fear, but has given me a strong heart and a strong mind. As a wife I am part of a team, working toward a common goal so I am not alone and don't need to be afraid. As a mother, I am responsible for molding 4 young minds and that work does not have room for fear. As an entrepreneur I cannot to be afraid. I have to get up and find solutions to problems for myself, my company, my employees and my clients.

So yes, I am a big dreamer kind of woman. I imagine a world where all my dreams come true. Check out this song "Imagine Me" by Kirk Franklin to get an idea of the power of imagination and dreams.

So now, I am stepping out and I am going to dream a big dream. I have a lot of little dreams on my horizon, but I am looking for a big one. I want to dream a big dream and go for it. I am Janeane Davis and I am a big dreamer. So, the question for you this Magnificent Monday is what big dream are you to dream?

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