Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrilling Thursday - Thinking Like a Winner

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to think like a winner.

Each Thursday throughout the month of August the Thrilling Thursday posts have been about thinking differently.

WinnerToday, the post will be about thinking like a winner. This means that in every situation think as if you are a winner. Act as if you are victorious no matter what the outcome of a situation. Here is an example to illustrate the point. A person goes out for a promotion at work and does not get it. There are two ways to look at the situation:

1.     The person is sad and feels defeated. Since she did not get the promotion she is resentful and vows not to be of service to her co-worker who did get the promotion.

2.     The person is sad she did not get the promotion. Since she did not get this promotion, she is eligible to apply for other opportunities at work. She starts planning for the next opportunity for advancement. On the way to work the next day she picks up a congratulatory greeting card for her former co-worker who got the promotion.

The woman in the first example is not looking at the situation as a winner. She sees nothing good about being denied the opportunity for advancement. The woman in the second example sees the positive in the situation. Since she did not get this promotion, she will be able to take advantage of other opportunities. She will not incur bad feelings from her promoted now former, co-worker.

When you think as if you are a winner, you see the rainbow at the end of every cloud. This is not a Pollyanna type of silliness, but realizing that joy comes in the morning. When you think as if you are a winner, no matter how many times you get knocked down you get back up and keep moving toward the goal. Thinking like a winner means there is always a smile close to your lips and courage always in your heart. So, the question for you this Thrilling Thursday is how can you start thinking like a winner?

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