Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5/12 Magnificent Monday - Make a Plan, Get TAN Now

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to make a plan and take action now.

Each Magnificent Monday throughout the month of November will be dedicated to the idea of getting TAN -Take Action Now. On October 20, 2012, I was privileged to attend PowerUp Weekend as a social media ambassador. It was a life changing experience. I wrote about the experience in blog article on Starting the Day Planning to Be Successful. One of the great lessons from the conference came at the end of the day when speaker Jim Smith asked which of us was ready to get a TAN. TAN means, Take Action Now. We all have things we want to accomplish, goals we would like to reach and journeys we would like to make. There is one thing stopping us, a refusal to TAN, take action now.


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So, throughout the month of November, each Magnificent Monday will be about TAN. Today will will start with the idea of why you need to TAN now. Future weeks will deal with:

* using Mindmaps to TAN

* using Vision Boards to TAN

* using Accountability groups to TAN

I have never met a person without a dream. Of course we do not all share the same dream, but everyone has a dream. The world is divided into people who TAN and reach their dreams and those who refuse to TAN and don't reach their dreams. If you are a person who does not take action and does not move towards a dream, a goal, a plan, then you have no justification to complain about the action and results of a person who does TAN. Let's look at the following example. People who are basketball fans often talk about the poor foul shot percentage Shaquille O'Neal. I think that only 50% of his foul shot attempts were good. I cannot complain about his percentage, because he TANned. He took action and played in the NBA and thus was around to make foul shots in the NBA. I did not take action towards playing in the NBA so the number of foul shots I have made in NBA games is zero.

Here is a riddle to help explain why you need to TAN: There are five birds sitting on a telephone wire when half of them decide to fly off to Florida. So, how many birds are left on the telephone wire. The answer is five. Why, because deciding to do something is not the same as Taking Action Now and actually doing something.

You must Take Action Now because sitting on your butt will not get done the things that need doing. For those of you who have been planning to go back to college for the past few years. How has the planning and sitting on your butt thing been working out for you? If you are sitting on the couch planning and not Taking Action Now, you will still be planning to go back to college two years from now. If you are serious about actually going back to college rather than just thinking about going back to college then you must Take Action Now. You must get up, get a college application package and look at the requirements for admission. Then start Taking Action Now to meet those requirements for admission. So what it is hard. So what it will take a long time. Time will pass whether you are Taking Action Now or sitting and thinking and planning to take action one day. The difference is if you TAN, you will be closer to reaching your goals.




You must Take Action Now because you should be the driver of your life's train. When you sit back and let happen whatever will happen, you are in the passenger seat of your life. In life, just like in a car, the passenger has very little impact on the road traveled. When you don't Take Action Now, you are sitting down and when you should be standing and walking. When you sit back and just let life happen rather than Taking Action Now, you are like a person who brings a knife to a gun fight. You are ill prepared and out of place. It is incumbent upon you to show up like a grown up and Take Action Now. So, the question for you this Magnificent Monday is what are you going to apply some TAN (Take Action Now) to today?


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