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Wonderful Wednesday - Take a Chance- Start a Blog

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to take a chance and start a blog.

Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of  November is devoted to taking a chance and starting something new. Last Wednesday was about taking a chance and starting a business.  In upcoming weeks the articles will be about tkaing a chance and writing an e-book and just taking a chance on something new and undetermined. This Wonderful Wednesday is all about taking a chance and starting a blog.

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I am part of a Facebook group of women bloggers called Shades of Social Media. It was created by a blogger who wanted to design  a place for women bloggers of color to get togeher, share, support and showcase. I have found it to be a wonderful community that I am honored to be a part of and find to be an invaluable asset in my life. A few weeks ago a woman came to the group who wasn't blogging yet, but really wanted to blog. She asked the question, "How do I start blogging."

She received a variety of responses once of which just sign up for one of the free blogging programs and start blogging. I was impressed with her because she got the advice around eleven at night and by three in the morning she published her first blog entry. It was actually pretty good. Over the course of the past few weeks she has learned to add photos to her blog, she is working on creating buttons and she is off and running.  That is the example you should follow if you want to start blogging. Be like Nike and just do it.

There are all kinds of blogs for all kinds of people and there is no reason why you cannot join that group. Some blogs are small, cute things for the amusement of the creator. All my children have blogs and three of them do it just for themselves, they just want something they and their friends can read. Other blogs like the Huffington Post are respected sources of  information and entertainment. My teenie bopper writes a blog Black Girl Brown Sugar that is developing a following and got her a job as a writer for AimingLow.com.

If you want to start a blog it is simple and free:

1.     Go to www.google.com and select the option for blogger or go to www.wordpress.com and select the option to create a blog

2.     Pick a simple layout template

3.     Start writing


You may find other articles other places that make it more complicated, but it really isn't. If you want to do it, put on your big girl panties and your fake it until you make it dress and just do it. Start the process, take a chance and start.Later you can act like a real blogger and spend hours working on your design, creating links and making buttons and the like. You may not understand that now, but after you have been blogging for two weeks, you will.

Wonderful Wednesday, blog, start


With blogging, the bottom line, like most things in life, is if you want to do something, just do it. If you have a dream and want to do something, just get get up and do it. So the question for you this Wonderful Wednesday, what  new and exciting adventure are you going to take a chance and start?



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