Friday, December 28, 2012

Fantastic Friday - Sharing Your Balancing Secrets

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to share the secret of your home and work balancing act.
Each Fantastic Friday throughout the month of December we will be continuing our exploration of ways to balance work and home.  In previous weeks we looked at the notions that all work and no play makes you a dull girl,  all play and no work make you broke and building  teams that respect each other. Today the Fantastic Friday is all about sharing the secrets to your success.
photo credit: RayBanBro66 via photopin cc
photo credit: RayBanBro66 via photopin cc                                                                                                                    fantastic Friday, balance, work, home secret, share
Almost everyone knows someone who has the home/work balancing act all wrong. These people are easy to recognize. It is the co-corker who is always in danger of getting fired for handling all his personal affairs on company time.  It is the mom who never has time for her husband and kids because she is either always at work or taking care of work when she is at home.
Those are people who do not have their home/work lives in balance. It is human nature to seek out balance and harmony. Often people who are living out of balance are not as happy as they could be. It is a kindness to share your secrets for balance with a person who is living out of balance. I am a work at home mom, so my work and home life overlap very directly. Here are a few of my secrets to balance home and work:
*     have set hours for work - you can train your family that certain time is your work                                                                       time and that you have to work just as if  you went to an outside office each day
*     keep your work area separate from your home area - by separating your work and personal areas, it is less likely that your children will use your reports for coloring books, organization is a crucial component to success
*     have set hours for home - when your family knows the time you will dedicate to their concerns, they will look forward to and appreciate the time you have set aside specifically for family.
fantastic Friday, balance, work, home, secret, share
The secrets for balancing success vary from person to person and you must find a way to achieve balance in your life. However, that is not enough, you must share your balancing secrets with others so we can all live in balance and harmony. So the question for you this Fantastic Friday is what are your balancing secrets?

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