Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - You Are Out of Work So Start Something New

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to start something new when you are out of work.

Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of December has been  dedicated to dealing with what you should do if you find yourself out of work unexpectedly. In previous weeks, I wrote about adjusting your budget once you and your employment are separated and using your social network in the job search. Next week, the final Wonderful Wednesday for December will deal with staying positive and focused while out of work. Today is all about starting something new.

photo credit: MebS09 via photopin cc
photo credit: MebS09 via photopin cc                                                                              Wonderful Wednesday, time, new start, dream, project

When you find yourself out of work, it is a good opportunity to try something new. If you have always wanted to start a business, go into a different field, get  some more education in an area, this is the perfect time to do it!  When you are out of work, you now have time to explore options and try new things. I am not advising that you skip looking for new employment and instead try a new venture. That is a personal choice that varies based on your individual situation. I am instead advising that you have time to do some extra  exploration into some dream projects. We can always find ways to make more money. What we are not able to create is more time. No matter what we do, we still only have 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week.  When you find yourself unexpectedly out of time, you have a golden gift of time you can use to help some of your dreams come true.  Many projects that we dream of take that most precious resource, our time.

Now that you are unemployed take the time to work on your dream.  So, the question for you this Wonderful Wednesday is, what have you been putting on a back burner that you can devote more time to now that you are out of work?

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