Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fall in Love With Your Business and Create a Winning Team

It is thrilling to fall in love with your business and create a winning team to help it grow and thrive.  An interesting fact about human nature is that people work harder, stronger and smarter for loved ones than for strangers. Many entrepreneurs think of their businesses as their children, their offspring, or loved ones. Just as you would not leave your child in the care of just anyone, you should not trust your business to just anyone. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must build a team of people who will work with you and for you in an effort to make your business a success.
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Everyone has heard the expression, "It takes a village to raise a child." Another expression that should become a common feature with entrepreneurs is "It takes a team to run a business." There are all kinds of people who are necessary team members if your business is to be successful:
  • human resources manager
  • financial adviser
  • strategic planner
  • operations manager
A human resources manager will be the person responsible for hiring, training and helping to retain employees. It is not easy to find the right employee for each job function and a person who is going to be in charge of human resources, must be able to understand how the company functions, able to assess people and able to manage people and their expectations. It is the human resources manager that works out employee disputes, handles benefits questions and helps keep the office morale where it should be.  The company's financial advisor is responsible not only for the short-term day-to-day finances of the company, but also for helping the company to meet its long-term financial goals. A business exists for many reasons, one of the most important of which is to make money. It is critically important that a business pay careful and close attention to the state of its finances. An entrepreneur must be ever mindful of cash flowing both into and out of the business. Finances are an area of the business that cannot, should not and must not be ignored if an entrepreneur is going to run a successful business. Another important team member is a strategic planner. Yet another popular expression that almost every person has heard is, "If you fail to plan then you plan to fail." An entrepreneur should have a strategic plan, a road map for how things are going to be done. When picking a strategic planner, an entrepreneur should look for a person with business experience, a good frame of reference and the ability to learn new and relevant things on the fly. The operations manager at a company is the person who makes sure that in working day-to-day, the strategic plan gets carried out at the business operates according to plan. All of these roles are important to the entrepreneur trying to run a business.

Out of necessity on many occasions, an entrepreneur fills all these roles alone. Of course, that is not the ideal, but it is a fact that in many small businesses, there is one person who has to do all these jobs without any outside help. However, as soon as possible an entrepreneur should find people to help share the load. An entrepreneur can get others to help with these duties in many ways including the following:
  • get a team of advisers - people who will give advice on  a regular basis for free
  • hire the people needed to fill the positions
  • become associated with an organization like SCORE that provides advice from retired executives
  • join appropriate industry groups
  • find  and join social media networking groups for your industry and participate in discussions in order to give and receive guidance
  • read, read, read and read - if you cannot get outside experts, become an expert yourself by reading everything you can on these areas to build your working knowledge

it takes a village, it takes a team, human resources, operations manager, financial manger, strategic planner, succeed, fail to plan, plan to fail
Photo Credit: Janeane Davis Thrilling Thursday Build a Team to Help Business Thrive
In conclusion, it is thrilling to fall in love with your business and create a winning team because we all work harder, smarter and stronger for those we love.  As an entrepreneur, treat your business like a treasured loved on and find a team to help you run your business. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, how are you creating a winning team for your business' success?

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