Thursday, March 7, 2013

Take Action Now and Get Rid of Shame

It is magnificent to take action now and stop being ashamed. People are often embarrassed by the fact that they make plans but never accomplish the things on their to do lists. It is particularly embarrassing to make one's plans public and not follow through with them. To save yourself from this embarrassment, take action now.
Take Action Now is a powerful idea. It means whatever your plan is, whatever it is you are supposed to be doing, start doing it, now. Once you have gone through the trouble of formulating a plan, figuring out what you need to do, the next logical step is to get to the doing. Interestingly, the taking action now is the part that freaks out most people. When it is time to actually start working the plan and doing what needs to be done, people get scared and don't take action but make excuses to justify procrastination.

take action now, shame, avoid shame, procrastination, to do list, accomplishment
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Often people who have a problem with stopping procrastination have broken their word to keep deadlines to friends, family and co-workers on more than one occasion. Procrastination gets to be embarrassing. It causes many people to feel deep shame when their lack of action disappoints people over and over again. Your actions create your reputation more than your mere words. Once you gain a reputation as a person who makes promises and breaks them again and again, it is hard to get people to take you seriously and to respect any plans you may make. If you have made a name for yourself as a person who cannot keep her word, who will not take action when necessary and timely, all is not lost, you can make a change and improve your reputation.
It is not an easy thing to do and it is not something that will happen overnight. But it will happen if you start to take action, The easiest and most sure way of changing your reputation is by dong the actual things you say you will do. If you want people to think your plans will work, work your plans, take action and do it now. Start by only giving your word if you can keep it. Do not agree to take on a new task or new responsibility unless you have checked your calendar and can fit in the new item. I mean literally look at your calendar and see when and where you will be able to fit in the new task. Fill in the new task on the spot, do not wait for later because you may forget or schedule something else in its place. The first step in taking action and taking it now it planning. Make your action plan then follow through with what you have planned.

take action now, shame, avoid shame, procrastination, to do list, accomplishment
Photo Credit: Janeane Davis: Magnificent Monday, Take Action Now - Get Rid of Shame

It really is magnificent to garner a reputation as someone who takes action now and gets things done. It takes away shame and embarrassment. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what action can you take now so you can feel better tomorrow?

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