Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 17 Choice

Bible in 90 Days Day 17 Using the SOAP Method


Joshua 15 to Judges 3: 1 -27


15 Geographic description of the border of the land given to the various tribes

16 Geographic description of the border of the land given to the various tribes

17 Geographic description of the border of the land given to the various tribes

18 Seven tribe had not gone to get their land and Joshua made arrangement for them to go get their land

19 Provision were made for the remaining seven tribes to go and possess the land

20 God told Joshua to have the tribes create cities of refuge

21 Each tribe set aside land for the Levites

22 The tribe of the Reubenites, Gadites and half tribe of Manasseh were told to go and take their land and to remember to serve God

23 Joshua is old and peak to the people and tells them to take the land, follow the commandment from Moses, to be courageous and that none of the enemies they encounter will be able to defeat them

24 Joshua gathered the people and God spoke to them, told them the history of leaving Egypt and what happened after that on the way to the promised land and were told to serve God, to choose this day if they would serve God or the other gods they encountered in the land and the people said they would serve God.

1 Joshua died and the Israelites went to posses their land and to fight to get/keep it

2 The people did not keep their word and they forsook God and served false God

3 God was angry when the Israelite forsook God and served false gods




The part of these passages that resonates most with me today is the part where the Israelites are told to choose whom they would serve. God did not take away the Israelites ability to make a choice, instead He allowed them the freedom to choose. We still have that freedom today in o many way and so many places. We can choose to serve God and obtain the many blessings associated with the decision or we can choose false gods and the punishment associated with that choice. It is incredible that with all the information we have, all the proof behind us, that still we do not always choose to follow God. I am making the decision today to be careful in my choice making to make choice that are pleasing to God.



Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me the gift of choice. It is a wonderful thing that you allow me to choose to worship you, to choose to be your child rather than forcing it upon me. Choice is a wonderful thing and an abundant gift. So I thank you God for blessing me with the ability to choose. Now I humbly ask you to guide me and help me to make the right choices. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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