Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bible in 90 Days, Day 34

Bible in 90 Days Day 34 Using the SOAP Method


II Chronicles 23: 16 - 21 to II Chronicles 35: 1 - 15


23 Jehoiada made a for himself and the people to be God’s people and they broke down the house of Baal and appointed people to serve God at the appropriate jobs

24 Joash reigned and made repairs t the house of God. The people sinned and turned against God so God turned against them and

25 Amaziah began to reign and he did what was right, but he did not have a perfect heart. And after a few wars he set up the gods of the enemies as his gods.

26 Uzziah became king and he served as was right in the eyes of God. Once he was strong, Uzziah turned away from God and was punished for his sin.

27 Jotham began to reign and he did right according to God, but he did not enter the temple of God and as a result the people who did enter acted corruptly.

28 Ahaz began to reign and he did not reign according to the rules of God and worshipped Baalim. When he had trouble he did not turn to God, but sinned all the more.

29 Hezekiah began to reign and he did that which was right in the eyes of God.

30 Hezekiah invited other kings to come and keep the passover of God with him and the people praised God

31 Hezekiah continued to do what was right and to seek God and he prospered.

32 When Hezekiah sinned he turned to God again and as a result, the wrath of God was not brought upon hm and the people.

33 Manasseh began to reign and he did evil in the sight of God by among other things raising idols to false gods. But when he was afflicted with problems, he called upon God for help.

34 Josiah began to reign and he did right in the eyes of God. While he was a young ruler he tore down the false idols that had been raised.

35 Josiah kept the passover and gave his people the things to be sacrificed to God.


What this passage of scriptures brings to my mind more than anything else is the greatness of God’s mercy, his extreme capacity to forgive and restore. No matter how many times the people sin against God and know they should not sin, when they call upon God, God is always forgiving. It is incredible to me. I do not have that skill at the present time. That ability to forgive over and over and over no matter how bad the transgression against me. I admire that quality a great deal. I thank God for his forgiving me over and over and over. I appreciate and treasure that gift.


Heavenly Father, thank You for being my Lord and Savior. Thank You for being my God and accepting me as your child. Lord I love and appreciate the lessons you teach me in your word and I thank you for allowing me to participate in this read the Bible in 90 days challenge. I thank you for making reading and studying the Bible on a daily basis a hobby that I look forward to and not a chore I struggle to get through. I thank you because you are indeed a good, God. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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