Monday, August 16, 2010

Bible in 90 days Day 35

Bible in 90 Days Day 35 Using the SOAP Method


II Chronicles 35 : 16 - 27 to Ezra 10


35 Josiah prepared and had a great passover celebration. Later Josiah went to was against the advice and will of God and was killed.

36 Jehoahaz (later Jehoaikim) became king and he committed abominations against God. Next a series of kings who did evil in the sight of God began to reign.

1 God stirred the heart of the king of Persia to build a house of God in Jerusalem

2 A census of the Israelites that were taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar

3 The captive Israelites kept the feast of the tabernacle

4 Judah and Benjamin wanted to help the Persians build a temple to God and the work of the people of Judah was frustrated, eventually work on the house of God in Jersusalem was stopped.

5 Prophesy was made to the people of Judah and Jerusalem and the building of the house of God continued

6 Darius, the king made a decree to restore the house of God, the house was built and dedicated

7 The people are permitted to go to the temple, pray, sacrifice and do good in the eyes of God


8 A fast was proclaimed so that the people could humble themselves and seek God’s face

9 Ezra learned that the Israelites were acting like their enemies and sinning against God in their worship of false gods and he realized that even though the peole were slaves, god had not forsaken them

10 Ezra prayed and went low before God and the people who sinned tried to get right with God.



Again the scriptures tell us that no matter what we can go to God, we can always come home to our Father. It is nice to know that He is always there when we fall and He will always help us up. God is incredible and wonderful and such a blessing to us. I think what I got from this group of scriptures is that God is always there, here and around. God never leaves us no matter what we do. In the words of today’s rap lyrics,God is a rider, he rides for us and we know he died for us. But unlike anyone else ever, he rose for us.



Heavenly Father, thank You for being you. Thank You for being a good and wonderful

God. I thank You for all You do in my life. I thank You for being a constant and not a variable. I thank you and praise you and humbly bow before you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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