Monday, August 23, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 42

Bible in 90 Days Day 42 Using the SOAP Method


Psalm 45: 15 - 17 to Psalm 69: 1 - 21


45 David says he will praise God’s name throughout the earth

46 David says God is strength and protection and he will praise God no matter what

47 Davis says God is awesome and great and will conquer the enemies of David and his people

48 David says God is great and strong and should be praised wherever people are

49 David says not to worry about the rewards people get on earth, the real place for real reward is with God

50 David says he is not concerned with people who say bad things, but people who offer praise will be shown God’s salvation

51 David asks God to clean him, help him and restore him and then Daid will show others the ways of God

52 David says men who boast love evil more than God but he will praise God and wait for God

53 David says a fool says there is no God and the fool will be punished until he acknowledges God

54 David asks God to save him and hurt his enemies

55 David asks God to help him because he is in a lot of trouble and needs assistance

56 David asks God for mercy and says he needs God to save his body just as God has saved his soul

57 David asks God for mercy and says he knows God will grant him mercy

58 David tells the people if they are not righteous, they will be washed away with and like insignificant things

59 David asks God to deliver him from his enemies for they are overwhelming

60 David says God has cast him off and he wants God to save him again

61 David cries out to God for God to save him and give him long life

62 David says his soul waits for God and he knows of God’s mercy

63 David says God is his God and he will praise Him, remember Him and follow Him

64 David asks God to hear his prayer and give him protection from his enemies

65 David describes the greatness and power of God

66 Davis tells the people to sing unto God and praise Hiim

67 David asks God for mercy and says the people and nations should praise God

68 David talks about the presence of God among his people

69 David asks God to save him because his troubles are great





What this group of scriptures reminds me is that God is great and worthy to be praised. David always praised God in the Psalms. He did not always act as he should, but he always praised God and thanked him for his goodness and mercy. David never blamed God for his problems. I think that we as Christians need to praise God continually in good times and bad. We also need to call on God for help. Even when we are wrong and knew better, we should still call on God for help because He is our Father and protector and will help us.


Heavenly Father, thank You for being my God, my Lord and my Savior. Thank You God for your many blessings and kindnesses. Thank you for being my God when I am right and when I am wrong. Thank you God in all things. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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