Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bible in 90 days Day 41

Bible in 90 Days Day 41 Using the SOAP Method


Psalm 25 to Psalm 45 1 - 14


25 David calls on God to forgive his sins and says he lifts his soul to God

26 David asks God to judge him because he has walked upright

27 David says he has no need to be afraid because he has God on his side

28 David says the Lord is his strength and the strength of the enemies of God who seek God for salvation

29 David talks about the power of the voice of God

30 David talks about how he cried out to God and God helped him

31 David talks about how he called on God even when all around him either forgot him who sought bad things against him

32 David says blessed are those who transgressions are forgiven and then said that when he was sinful, he made confession to God and was forgiven

33 Davis says God should be praised, feared and that god is might and our help and protection

34 David says he will constantly bless and praise God and that those who fear God will never want any good thing

35 David asks God to plead for him against David’s enemies

36 David says the wicked say there is no God and the righteous are satisfied in God and do not fall into the hands of the wicked

37 David says the we should not be upset by people who do evil, but should delight in


38 David asks god not to show hm anger or punish him while god is upset with David and David says he is low and in need of God’s help

39 David says he will watch hi smouthand asks god what is coming and that David be spared

40 David says he waited patiently for God and god heard him and helped him

41 David says blessed are they that consider the poor and asks for god to give him mercy

42 David says his soul thirst for god and he has been in tears day and night but he knows God is his rock

43 David asks God to plead David’s case against David’s enemies

44 David says God has been there since the days of David’s ancestors and the people have not forgotten God

45 David talks about the goodness of God


What this group of scriptures reminds me of is the fact that God’s goodness is great and that there is really no end to the good things to say about God. There is no end to the things to thank God for. Often we are stingy with our thanks, praise and appreciation. I need to remind myself to thank God for everything because God gives everything.



Heavenly Father, I thank You for being my Lord and Savior. I thank You for my life, health and strength. I thank You for all things. Lord help me to remember to praise you morning , noon, and night. Lord help me to praise you continuously and to thank you for all things. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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