Saturday, February 25, 2012

02/25/12 Sensational Saturday

Sensational Saturday-because 16 years ago I gave birth to my miracle baby, my prayed for miracle, Euphoria. The best job I ever had is being a mama.

Everyone talks about motherhood. Pop culture is full of jokes about mothers pushing their kids buttons best because the mothers installed them. Psychologist blame mothers for children becoming neurotic. I am choosing to ignore all that and think only about a consistent factor between all mothers- responsibility. Once you carry life inside you and bring it forth into the world, you are responsible for that life. My Euphoria is sixteen years old today and she is still a sweet sixteen. I thank God for that. Yes, she hates to do chores and thinks cleaning her room is something only aliens should do. However, she still watches and enjoys Sesame Street with her little sisters. I am not going to mention how much money my husband and I have spent on her the past thirty days. It is incredible how many times I have cancelled hair appointments, shopping trips, yarn buying and the like because Euphoria wanted something or needed something. It happens over and over almost every day. That is not the funny part. The funny part is that I do not mind. Euphoria is my baby, not my youngest, but still my miracle baby. I am responsible for her. Her smiles make me happy, her tears make me sad. When she started getting letters from colleges asking her to consider them I was thrilled for her. When Brown University asked her to think about adding them to her list of possibles, I jumped with joy and told all my friends. I lived vicariously through her accomplishment. She's my baby and I am responsible for her. At sixteen she thinks she knows everything worth knowing, it is my responsibility to hang around and help her until she actually does.

Happy birthday to my Euphoria. My daughter, my daughter, I love her more than water. Happy birthday Euphoria, the thing, the person that truly taught me about responsibility. I love you Euphoria.

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