Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/20/12 Magnificent Monday

Magnificent Monday-because sometimes you have to cheer for your self because the crowd just isn't behind you In that case cheer for yourself and keep it moving!

I have spent all my adult lfe with a wonderful coach, i.e. my husband, cheering me on and telling me that I can accomplish anything to which I set my mind. I admit it got me spoiled. I have grown so accustomed to hearing him cheer me on and believing in me, I am surprised when the rest of the world doesn't act like my personal cheering section. Recently I told two people about a current pet project. One person acted interested and peppered me with well thought out and probing questions designed to help me move forward with the project and to get it done. She even talked about how my project made her want to complete a project of her own. I discussed the project with another person and she acted as if I was trying to accomplish something that not only was ridiculous, without merit and a waste of time, but beneath her consideration. Two very different reactions. The second person was a closer friend so I was upset at the lack of cheering. I always cheered for her and always encouraged all her efforts, period. I am a good coach.

I was upset about that second reaction for quite some time, then I realized I did not need that friend to cheer for me. It would have been nice,but I would get along fine without her cheers. I have learned that sometimes you have to cheer for yourself. I stopped worrying about why she did not cheer, I stopped caring about why she did not encourage me to reach for the stars as I had done for her on numerous occasions. I am free and saved and grown. I do not need others to validate me or to acknowledge my dreams in order for them to be real and achievable. I need to realize that like I teach my young children, sometimes you have to cheer for yourself because the crowd just isn't behind you.

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  1. Very true! As long as your husband and children are cheering on nothing else matters. Perhaps your friend is a little bit jealous that you have what it takes and she doesn't...:-)