Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/3/12 Sensational Saturday

Sensational Saturday-because there is something nice about hanging out with your parents at their home for a little while.

We all grow up and move away from home and start families of our own in homes of our own. Then, the day comes when we go back to visit our parents with our children. For me, today is the day. I am packing up the Davis children and going to visit my mom overnight. My husband is away on a business trip so he will miss the festivities. It is always fun going back to visit your parents as an adult. You are under their roof once again and so once again you are subject to their rules and regulations. At the same time, if you are going back with children of your own you are in a sandwich. People with the authority to boss you around are at one end, and people you boss around are at the other. It is an interesting combination of events. If your parents are typical parents, your children will be spoiled rotten, indulged in every way possible and have the time of their lives. Then, you take them back home to the real world.

Children live for those get-a-ways. I think they secretly enjoy getting our parents to spoil them with sweets, late nights and freedom from normal responsibility. What our children do not understand is that as parents, we like for them to have silly, carefree purely fun times. As parents, we know how important such times are an important part of childhood development. We love to see our children smile. Grandparents are good because they allow us to provide these times without compromising our strict, by the rules parental exteriors. But we all know, there is nothing like seeing your kids smile with joy at a little treat or piece of silly fun. So today is sensational Saturday and I am looking forward to my children enjoying their grandparents and some silly fun.

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