Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/12 Magnificent Monday

Magnificent Monday-one person's ho-hum is another person's dream of a lifetime, so live your life like the dream it is. I was speaking with someone recently who told me that the work he was doing today was nothing like the work he dreamed of as a child. He had dreamed of doing different, things, exciting things, wonderful thing. Now all he did was work, take care of his wife, take care of his children. when given options to do something for himself or something for his family, he always chose to take care of his family. When there was money in the family budget, he always bought things for his wife and kids first and then bought things for himself. The job he worked he accepted because it gave him the money he needed to care for his family and the flexibility to spend time with his children. I asked him if he was upset about sacrificing so much of his life and dreams for his family's happiness instead of reaching for his own. His answer surprised me. He said that as he became an older man, a wiser man, his dreams changed, his desires changed. It was now his dream to be able to take care of his family. It thrilled him to do little things that made his wife smile. He found excitement in doing things that caused his children to laugh.His family became the world to him. His dream became to help his family members achieve their dreams. Like the power behind the throne, he found joy in being the power behind his family. He told me that his life, having a wife, kids and a house in the 'burbs was a life that many people dreamed of, wished they could attain. The dream of so many people was his everyday life. He felt blessed to have a life that was a dream. In his older years he obtained the dream of every human being, happiness, simple happiness. So on this magnificent Monday, live your life like it's a dream, because for someone it is!

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