Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28/12 Thrilling Thursday - Thinking Things into Existence

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to be able to measure the distance from where you started to where you are going to end up.

The Thursday blog posts have been about having SMART goals, that means we have goals that are:

Time Bound

Last week in this section dealt with how to make specific goals. This week we will be examining how to make measurable goals. Measurable is often defined as able to be measured, significant or perceptible. In other words in order for a goal to be measurable the must be some type of quantity, some amount, some way or determining if more or less needs to be done. Let's look at the following goals:

1.     I want to exercise more.

2.     I want to exercise for 60 minutes a day five days per week for the next thirty days.

The first goal is a common one. Many of us want to exercise more, to get into shape and improve our health. However, this goal is not good in in terms of being measurable. If you do something more there is an increase. So, on the surface, one might believe that goal number one is measurable. While it is technically measurable, it is not significantly measurable nor will it allow for true accountability. If you have been exercising for 15 minutes a day one day per month and move to exercising 16 minutes a day one day per month you have met the requirements of the goal. There has been an increase in the amount of exercise done. However, this goal, will not give you a real improvement in health and wellness.

The second goal, deals with the same issue as the first one, but it is infinitely more measurable. The second goal lists out a definite amount: sixty minutes. It is easy to determine if the requirements of this goal have been met. Sixty minutes are sixty  minutes, all day every day. So each step of the way, you will be able to determine if you met this portion of the goal. The goal of doing the sixty minutes of exercise five days per week is easily determinable. You can tell at the end of the week if you did something five days that week. The final part of the goal: thirty days is measurable. A quick peak at a calendar or tally sheet makes measuring 30 days easy work.

So, by incorporating the idea from last week, Specific with this week's idea, Measurable, goal number two is the clear winner. Goal number two is specific in that it tells a person exactly what it is one is attempting to accomplish. It is measurable because it is full of benchmarks to aim for, benchmarks that either will or will not be met. Next week we will talk about how to make sure our goals are attainable.

So, the question or you this Thrilling Thursday is what tools are you going to use to measure the progress you are making toward achieving your goals?

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