Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to discover the reward of working smarter instead of merely working harder.

Every one has heard the idea that they need to work harder. The idea that hard work is the key to success has been drummed into our ears on numerous occasions. What we should have been taught is how to work smarter. Sometimes working smarter means depending on the advice and assistance of others. I recently became a member of a few support groups on Facebook. One group to help me get in shape. Another group to help me be a better blogger. A third group I joined was created to empower, encourage and strengthen entrepreneurs.  Each day I look at the posts from the other other members and try to contribute something worthwhile.

In another area of my life, I have a client who owns a business that should be profitable. It is based on an innovative concept and owned by super intelligent people. The company continues to flounder. The ownership of the company does not use its support systems. I think of the company this way, when it is time to get in the car and go, the owners cannot go because they feel obligated to re-create the wheel first. By this I mean, the owners do not try to build on what they have learned from others. They get advice from people they respect, but ignore the advice for months, or even years. 

I think part of working smarter means that you surround yourself with people whose opinions you respect, people who have shown themselves to know what they are talking about. When you work smart and not merely hard you know that you can learn from others and that while you can go it alone, often you do not have to do it that way. There is something comforting about having a group of people who support your journey toward success on whatever road you are traveling.  Alcoholics Anonymous is successful in its efforts to keep people sober because the group of individuals work together, encourage one another and support one another. The support groups I participate in on Facebook work in a similar manner. 

My get fit group has helped me to increase the number of minutes I spend exercising each week. When I feel discouraged or don't feel like working out, there is always a post from someone saying get up and move. Whenever I read about someone in the group having a hard time, I sit and think of ways to be encouraging and supportive. It seems to be working. Most people in the group have increased or maintained their level of cardio workouts each week and are continuing their missions to lead better, healthier lives.

The support group I belong to for bloggers has helped me to improve my blog. I have refined my focus, improved my design and made strides toward earning a living using my blog as a vehicle. During the past two weeks I have had two companies approach me about doing reviews of their products or having their advertisements placed on my blog. I appreciate the members of this group for their support, advice and company. They are incredible women with wonderful things to say and interesting ways of saying those things.

I have only been a member of the entrepreneurs group for about a week. I like what the members have to say. I like reading their encouragement and their list of resources. I recently shared a piece of encouraging information with them that was received well by at least one person.

In sum, what my life experience has shown me is that support can be found in many places. Sometimes support is found with person we see and touch every day. At other times, with modern technology, we can find support via the internet on social media networks with people we never see. The important thing is that we should seek out support. When we find a group that supports us, we need to contribute to the group. Never think that your contributions are too small or insignificant. Just as there is a lid for every pot, there is an ear for every piece of advice or encouragement. 

I am using the power of internet social networks to work smarter and to help others to work smarter. So the question for you this Wonderful Wednesday is what one thing can you to to work smarter?


  1. This is such a great informational and inspiring article! I simply love it! ~Latrina SAM Johnson

  2. Thanks SAM, I appreciate the feedback and of course the compliment!

  3. One way I have learned to work smarter is to delegate. I am pretty good at it with my 9 to 5 but I am hesitant to do it with blog related stuff.