Friday, July 20, 2012

Fantastic Friday - Finding the Fantastic in a Friend

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to look at a friend and tell her something fantastic about herself.

I have never met a person who did not like to receive a true and heartfelt compliment. It does something good for us to have another person recognize the good and wonderful qualities we possess. So today I say, let's pick a friend and say, "I am so glad to have a friend like you because . . ."  

This song, "A God Like You" by Kirk Franklin gives the idea I am trying to get across.
Kirk Franklin "A God Like You"

We need to celebrate friendship and how fantastic our friends our. Not only should we celebrate, we need to let our friends know how fantastic we think they are. I am on Twitter at www.twitter.com/janeanedavis. One of my favorite features on Twitter is the phenomenon of  #FF. By using the #FF and then adding twitter names from various people, you are telling the world that the people you list are good in your eyes.  You are saying these are people that you should follow because they are interesting,worth paying some attention and are people you should follow on Twitter.

The first time I made someone's #FF list I was really excited. I thought, "Wow, what a compliment, this person who I respect and follow is suggesting that other people should follow me." If I told the truth, last week when I made someone's #FF list I was really excited. I was honored, I was excited, I jumped up and down like it was the first time.  It was a compliment. I am not saying I was all Sally Field at the Oscars with  "You like me, you really like me," but truth be told, I really was. I get that way each time I make someone's #FF list. It is a compliment to be named in a #FF, it makes me feel fantastic and I love to return the favor.

I like to give that feeling to other people. I try to spread compliments heavily.  You know how at a restaurant a typical tip is 15%, well I like to compliment in the 25% to 35 % range. I really want people to know that I like them, I appreciate them, and think they are wonderful in some way. So today, I want to find the fantastic in my friends. They are some amazing women. So in case I don't get to you in person, if you are my friend, I think you are fantastic and I celebrate the fact that I know you. So my question for you this Fantastic Friday is which friend are you going celebrate as fantastic?

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