Sunday, August 19, 2012

Serene Sunday - Journaling

Serene Sunday - sometimes you can find serenity by keeping a journal and using it on a regular basis.

Many young girls have kept diaries and have written their secrets on pretty pastel pages. Young girls often find comfort in writing down their secret thoughts an dreams for the future. As those young girls become young women they read books on journaling and begin to write journals instead of diaries.

Diary...It sounds very grown up to keep a journal. A journal is a big girl's book. A journal is not used to write about teenage fantasies and dreams. Journals are used to keep records, to make plans and to track goals.  There are numerous books being written everyday about writing  a journal and journaling. I think the point of journaling is that the act of writing down, or in these modern times typing out thoughts dreams and actions brings them closer to becoming reality. The act of keeping a journal takes us from thought to action.

When we think about things, we take the first step toward making them happen. When we put things into our journals, we take another step, real positive action toward making the thing happen. Try it yourself for a few days. Write down what you are thinking about. Make a little journal for yourself. It does not have to be something fancy, just paper clip or safety pin a few sheets of paper or note cards together and use them to write down your thoughts and dreams  and how you plan to go about making them come true. Write down your feelings about life and the people in your life.

After a week of writing in your journal, look back at what you have written and think about how you feel about what you have written. An important part of the journaling process involves reading what you have written and making decisions based upon what you have read. In a way, journaling is like therapy you give yourself. When done properly journaling allows you to get all your thoughts out where they can be examined and then lets you do the examination in a safe, secure place. So, the question for you this Serene Sunday is how can you harness the power of journal writing to find serenity?

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