Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Terrific Tuesday - Take a Chance -Find a New Job

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to take a chance and find a new job that is satisfying and rewarding.

Throughout the month of August, the Terrific Tuesday posts will all be about celebrating taking chances and doing things that may be a hard and scary.
Today, the post is about how terrific it is to find a new job in part because I am looking for a new job. Over the course of the next several months talk about how the jobs market and the economy are or are not growing. There will be politicians on both sides with predictions about where jobs are and how to create them. While all that talk makes good television and sells newspapers, it does nothing to help people find real jobs in the real world. So today I am posting about finding a new job and providing resources to help in the job search.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of books telling you how to get a job and the steps you need to take to find employment. The following four books were found on the Amazon Kindle site. All were free so that anyone can afford them. Keep in mind if you do not have an Kindle, you can install a Kindle app reader for free on your computer or smart phone.

You may not have time to read all of these books before you have to start the search for a new job. I shall start up with a few pieces of information to get you started on your journey toward finding new employment. First, sit down and think about what kind of job do you want to find. For example if you are looking for a job in sales, you will not find a that job by searching the listings for substitute teachers.  Once you have a clear understanding of the type of job you want. It is time to start creating a resume that will get the attention of the gate keeper to the job you desire.

A resume is a history of your work experience, usually on a single sheet of paper that an interviewer can use to get a snap shot of you and and how you fit into the job opening. Most interviewers are not going to read more than one page of a resume for screening purposes, so be brief and be careful in writing your one page resume. If you think you cannot be adequately represented in one page, do the one page anyway and take another version of your resume, two pages in length maximum with you to interviews to discuss with the interviewer. Once you have your resume written, make sure to have it proof read by one or more people you respect.  It is very important that your resume be checked for spelling and grammatical errors. It is not convincing for you to say you are detail oriented if  you show up with a resume riddled with errors.  

After the resume is done, it is time to start the job search. Do not limit yourself to  the classified ads in the newspaper. Let your Facebook friends know you are looking for work. Tweet to your followers that you re searching for a job. Ask your Linkedin connections for help. Also keep in mind that looking for a job, a good job is a time consuming process. It may take you several hours a day, every day to find the job you want.  Interestingly, finding a job, is a job!

This post has done what it was designed to do, given you enough information to get you started on the road to finding  a new job. You know what kind of work you want to do, you have prepared the appropriate resumes and started telling everyone you know you are looking for a job. Now get moving. No amount of reading can get you the job you want unless you get up and take action to do what needs doing. So, the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is what are you going to take a chance on at work today?

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