Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 22

Bible in 90 Days Day 22 Using the SOAP Method


I Samuel 28:20 -25 to II Samuel 12:1-10


28 Samuel’s words devastated Saul and caused him to lose his appetite

29 The Philistines gathered and talked about David and David was reminded that he had been serving God as he was supposed to

30 David went to war and during the course of it, David’s two wives were captured and the people talked about stoning David. Before going to recover what was taken, David prayed and God told him David would be successful

31 Saul and his sons died in battle

1 David found out about the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, and is distressed

2 David made arrangements for Saul’s burial

3 There was a long war between the houses of Saul and David

4 War between the houses continues

5 The Israelites came to talk to David about the war between Saul and David and David became king over Israel

6 David gave all the tribes together and brought the ark of God to where he was

7 David had some rest from war, and God wanted a permanent place for his people

8 David defeated several enemies and reigned with justice and righteousness

9 David searched for survivors of Saul’s house he could be kind to for Jonathan’s sake, and found Jonathan’s son and raised him back to greatness

10 David offered to show kindness to the son of another old friend, war continued and David was successful

11 David sent his servants out at Joab while he stayed at Jerusalem, and he saw Bathsheba and lusted after her and had her husband killed at war and married her

12 David heard a story about a man like himself and thought that man deserved death before realizing that the story was about him


The part of the passage that resonated the most with me was the part about David taking care of the sons of his former friends. This part resonates with me because often my husband Darren’s clients offer to do something nice for him because they appreciate the work he has done. Instead, Darren tells them, "I do not need anything, just watch out for my wife and kids when I am not around." It always makes me feel good to hear that he has made provisions for my children and me. It is also similar to the love of God. He always makes provision for us, takes care of us, and makes sure that we are safe and secure.



Heavenly Father, thank you for being my Lord and Savior. Thank you for just being there for me even when I do not acknowledge you or talk to You. You are a rock, a shield and a comfort. I am happy knowing just that you are and that you are a constant source of comfort and strength. I thank you for all things you do, in Jesus name I pray, Amen

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