Friday, August 6, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 225

Bible in 90 Days Day 25 Using the SOAP Method


I Kings 7: 38 - 51 to I Kings 16: 1 - 20


7 Solomon had vessels made for the house of God

8 Solomon assembled the elders to bring the ark of the covenant out of Zion to the tent of the meeting. Solomon prayed that God protect the people and asked that if the people sinned and then repented that God would forgive them and restore them

9 God appeared to Solomon and told Solomon that if Solomon served him, God would bless Solomon and the people with many blessings. But if Solomon and the people did not follow god, they would be cursed with enslvament and unhappiness

10 The queen of Sheba heard of Solomon and came to Jerusalem and saw all the great things she heard about Solomon and his blessings were true in that he was the richest and wisest king

11 Solomon loved women from foreign lands including lands God said to stay away from because they would turn Solomon’s head away from God. These foreign wives turned Solomon’s head away from God and God was angry because He had twice appeared and warned Solomon about this occurrence. God raised enemies to come against Solomon and Israel.

12 Solomon chose to ignore the advice of the elders and instead followed the advice of the young men he grew up with causing even more problems for himself and the people of Israel.

13 Josiah sacrificed to God and was a man of God while others continued to act against God

14 Various examples of the rule of Solomon’s children

15 Asa ruled properly in accordance with the rule of God

16 God is angry with Jehu because even though God made him a prince over Israel, Jehu caused the people to sin and anger God and the Israelite leadership continued to anger God


Once again, the Israelites vex God. The Israelites know and know full well that God wants obedience and that obedience is better than sacrifice. Yet the Israelites and their leaders continue to go after false gods and to turn away from God. This fact is incredible to me because the Israelites know and know full well that God is a good God who is anxious to do well for his people and is vengeful and forgiving. It reminds me in my life of the things I continually struggle with. Although I do not go to idol worship, I do not control my anger and tongue as I should. This means that I must constantly ask God to forgive me for some slip up or another. In my life, just as with the Israelites, God is forgiving and true and always restores me once I call on His name, humble myself and pray. For that, I am extremely grateful.


Heavenly Father, thank you for being my God. Thank you for being God and for your kindness, mercy, and gift of forgiveness. I thank you for being an awesome God, a true God and a true wonder and blessing. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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