Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 26

Bible in 90 Days Day 26 Using the SOAP Method


I Kings 16: 21 - 34 to II Kings 4: 1 - 37


16 More sinful kings ruled over Israel

17 Elijah, a child of God meets a widow and prays for her child to be restored and the child is restored to his mother alive and the mother believes that Elijah is a man of God with God’s words in his mouth

18 Elijah goes about doing he business God sends him to do including proving that God is the king of all Gods including Baal

19 Elijah continues to travel and spread and do the word/works of god throughout the land

20 When the man of God lets an enemy of God go free, he is told he forfeit his life and the life of his people for the enemy of God

21 Jezebel sets up her husband to be killed and because of her many sins, it is predicted that Jezebel will be eaten by dogs. Ahab humbled himself and god said the penalty for sin would not be paid during his life, but during his sons

22 Jehoshaphat was preparing for more war but sought the word of God from a man of God first

1 Elijah continues to travel and show that God os God and that elijah is a servant of God

2 Elijah and Elisha travel together and before Elijah leaves, Elisha asks that a double portion of the spirit of God in Elijah be given to Elisha. Elijah goes to heaven in a chariot of fire

3 Elisha travels and he is recognized as a man of God

4 Elisha continues to travel and is recognized as a man of God and is able to do miracles in the name of God for the people recognize God’s power in him


What struck me most about this group of scriptures is that the men of God were recognized even in strange cities as men of God. Elijah and Elisha had reputations such that where ever they went, people knew they were men of God and that miraculous things could occur through them because they possessed God’s power. It made me realize that I need to live a life so that God’s power can be seen in me. Not so that I can be praised, but so that people will see me physically and recognize the power of God. I would like to live a life that exemplifies God so that when people see me they want to know, not about me, but about God.


Heavenly Father, thank you for being my Lord and Savior. Thank you for your saving grace, your mercy and your kindness. Thank you god for being God. Lord help me to be the kind of servant you want me to be so that people will see you, love you and want to have more of you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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