Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 27

Bible in 90 Days Day 27 Using the SOAP Method


II Kings 4: 38 - 44 to II Kings 15: 1 - 26


4 Elisha went to Gilgal and there was a miracle in that 100 men were fed with twenty loaves of bread and some ears of corn ( A precursor to Jesus feeding the multitude?)

5 Naaman, a captain of Syria sent word to the king of Israel to cure him of leprosy because of the suggestion of a handmaid. The king of Israel thought Namaan was trying to start a fight. Elisha knew that Naaman had faith god was in Israel and could do it. Elisha told Namaan a simple way to be cured. Despite Naaman’s unbelief, the prophet’s simple method rendered him healed.

6 There is war between the people of Israel and the people of Syria and great sin and famine and need among the people

7 Lepers came to the camp to be healed or killed. The Syrians were defeated.

8 Elisha continued to travel and where he went he was known as a man of God and what he said happened

9 Jehu annointed king and he proceeds to reign and is there when Jezebel is killed and eaten by dogs as God said would happen

10 War occurs and the enemies of God and those who sinned against god are defeated as God said they would be

11 Time passes and kings rise and fall, the people again return to the service of God

12 Again the Israelites are oppressed and again God raises a champion for them.

13 Another king of Israel arose and he sinned against God, the people were punished and again the people asked God for a savior and he gave the one. Elisha died. Even in punishing the people for their sin, God remembered his promises to Abraham and blessed the people.

14 Joash reigned over Israel and served God as we should and followed the rule of God that man should die for his sins not his children’s and vice versa

15 Again kings of Israel rose and fell, sinned and were punished


The part of these passages that is most applicable to me today is the section about the lepers who thought when they went to town they would either be healed or killed and they made peace with either outcome. This section resonates with me because when I make decisions I always say, "The best case scenario is . . . the worst case scenario is . . . . " Once I have done this and I make peace with the best possible outcome and the worst possible outcome I know that I can handle the situation and I am ready to move forward. It was very good for me to find confirmation for this behavior in the word of God. I want to try to make more decisions in a sensible way, by praying about it, seeking God’s wisdom and moving forward with resolve and determination.


Heavenly Father, I thank you today for all you are doing in my life. I thank you for your kindness, your care, your concern and your guidance. Lord I ask you to help me in my decision making. Help me to make decisions that are pleasing in your sight and correct in their outcome. I thank you and praise you. I ask that you continue to bless me and keep me as I do your will and try to be the type of woman you want me to be. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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