Monday, August 9, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 28

Bible in 90 Days Day 28 Using the SOAP Method


II Kings 15: 27 - 38 to II Kings 25


15 Israelite kings came and went, one did not serve the Lord, is replacement served the Lord

16 The people again turned to God and offered sacrifices to Him because they wanted help from oppression

17 Hoshea began to rule and he also did evil in God’s sight but not as bad as prior kings. God removed from his sight all the tribes of Israel except the tribe of Judah. The king of Assyriah took over a lot of the land, installed his own leaders and taught the people the history of the Israelites and how God had saved the Israelites.

18 The Israelites continued to sin against God and were not blessed in their efforts

19 The angel of God destroyed many of the people of Assyria who were not serving God. The introduction of Isaiah.

20 Isaiah told Hezekiah he would die. Hezekiah cried unto the Lord. Then God told him to go back and tell Hezekiah that if Hezekiah goes to God and prays, God will add 15 years to Hezekiah’s life and deliver him from the king of Assyria.

21 Manasseh, at 12, became king after Hezekiah and he was sinned against God and God said he would punish the people so greatly that the ears of those who heard of the punishment would tingle

22 Josiah, at age 8, became king and he did that which was right according to God. The book of God was found and god promised to place evil on the land because the people did not live correctly and served false gods

23 The king gathered the elders and read them the book of god and promised to follow God and keep His commandments. The people again sinned against God and God had Judah removed from his sight. Kings came and went, and the people still sinned against God.

24 Kings came and went and continued to do evil in the eyes of God

25 Kings came and went and continued to do evil in the eyes of God



This section of reading reminded me once again of the goodness of God. The Israelite people seemed to sin against God almost non-stop. Yet God still considered/considers them his chosen people. What this group of scriptures makes me realize is that God is not a quitter. When God chooses you, you are chosen. You may give up on God and stop following His rules, but God will not give up on you. God is awesome and forgiving over, and over, and over. He is ever hopeful and ever ready to forgive the people for sinning against him. In my lie, I need to be more forgiving with my family. I need to fully realize that my husband, my children and I are all part of a team and we are working together for a common purpose and goal. If any of my family upsets me, I must be even quicker to forgive them and to move forward with love, understanding and forgiveness.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for being my Lord and Savior. I thank you for your many blessings. I thank you for being my Lord and God an d for forgiving me every time I am wrong and ask you for forgiveness. Lord please help me to be a better wife and mother. Help me to be forgiving and kind. Please help me to have the spirit of Christ. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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