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Bible in 90 Days Day 37

Bible in 90 Days Day 37 Using the SOAP Method


Nehemiah 13: 15 - 31 to Job 7


13 The people did not act properly in that they did not give tithes to the Levites as they were supposed to and did improper work on the sabbath so Nehemiah asked them what was wrong with them.


1 During a time of feasting King Ahasuerus asked that Queen Vashti come before him to show off her beauty and when she refused he put her away as an example so that other wives in the kingdom would not use her actions as a signal to ignore the orders of their husbands

2. Ahasuerus sought a woman to replace Queen Vashti and he found Esther (the orphan daughter of Jews) and she pleased him and he made her Queen

3 Mordecai who had raised Esther did not bow to Haman the man the king had advanced and Haman grew angry and wanted to destroy all the Jews in the land and had a proclamation to that effect sent out

4 Mordecai was upset when he heard about the destruction to come for the Jews, he told Esther and she told the people to fast and that she would go in to the king

5 Esther went in to the king and found favor so that he promised her anything up to ½ his kingdom. She asked that a feast be made and that Haman be brought in and she would make her request. Haman was happy about the invitation, but said his happiness was marred by the sight of Moredcai at the gates of the king.

6 The king read the history books and saw that Mordecai had done great things for him in the past and ordered that Mordecai be elevated in clothing and status. Haman’s wife told him that Mordecai being raised meant Haman would fall and Haman was told to come to Esther’s banquet.

7 At the banquet, Esther told the king she and her people were going to be destroyed and she told the king it was at Haman’s order this would be done. Haman drank too much at the banquet and fell onto Esther’s bed where he was found by the king and Haman was hanged on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai.

8 Haman’s house was given to Esther and the king’s ring was given to Mordecai. Esther asked the king to take away the plan to kill the Jews and the king did.

9 The Jews went to war and fought their enemies and prevailed. Esther requested Haman’s sons be hanged.

10 Modecai’s greatness was proclaimed and he was second in power after the king.


1 Job was perfect and upright before God. When God and Satan were talking god gave Satan permission to test Job an even though he lost all his children, Job did not sin against God.

2 Again God and Satan were speaking about Job and God gave Satan permission to touch Job’s body in an attempt to tempt him away from God. Again , Job stayed true to God.

3 Job cursed his life and said he it would be better had he never been born than to suffer as he was suffering.

4 Job’s friends came to talk to him and told him he must have done something to deserve the suffering that was upon him and was just to conceited to admitted.

5 Job’s friends came to talk to him and told him he must have done something to deserve the suffering that was upon him and was just to conceited to admitted.

6 Job answered his friends and said he did not know where he went wrong

7 Job said life was fleeting and asked why God did not forgive him for his sin


The thing that stands out in this group of passages more than any other is the fact that Job was perfect. Often people say that there are no perfect people and that only Jesus was perfect. However, by reading the Bible I learned that Noah was perfect, Elijah was perfect and now that Job was perfect. What this teaches me is that we can be perfect, we can be upright, we can be like God if we follow His rules and seek His face. I am striving to be perfect in the roles God has for me as wife, mother, friend. How wonderful it would be if God could look upon us and think of us the way he thought of Job.


Heavenly Father, I thank You and praise You. I thank You for Your kindness Your mercy Your goodness. Lord I am striving to be want me to be. I am striving to be the Proverbs 31 woman. Lord I thank You, praise You, and give You the glory and honor on my journey. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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