Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bible in 90 days Day 38

Bible in 90 Days Day 38 Using the SOAP Method


Job 8 to Job 24


8 Job’s friends talk to him about what he is going through. They ask him what he has done wrong and tell him that if he was perfect, God would take these problems away from him so he must have done something wrong and he should admit his fault.

9 Job asnwers that God is great and that he cannot contend with God. If god does not take away the trouble there is nothing Job can do.

10 Job talks to God and tells Him that he understands that God does what God wants and that if Job is wicked, God should treat him as such but if Job was good Job would not raise his eyes to God and Job wished he had never been conceived.

11 Job’s friends responded to him that Job claimed to be pure but obviously he was not and should admit it.

12 Job responded that God does as God pleases and He can punish the just and forgive the unjust as He sees fit

13 Job tells his friends that he is not inferior to them. Job says God knows what He wants and that even if God kills Job, Job will trust God.

14 Job says that life is finite and that God has hidden Job’s iniquity from Job.

15 Job’s friend says Job is speaking iniquity and his mouth is crafty

16 Job responds that if his friends were in his position, he would not condemn them, but encourage them and build them up.

17 Job seems to be awaiting death and asks where is hope

18 Job’s friend describes the various ways the wicked are punished by God

19 Job asked his friends how long would they insult him and hurt him with their words. He also states that when he dies he will see God.

20 Job’s friend responded that the wicked triumph only for a short time and that the punishment they receive will be harsh and long lasting.

21 Job asked why the wicked prosper and have good lives.

22 Job’s friend responded Job must have done something wrong at that is why god was punishing him at this time

23 Job answered and said God has done these things to him but Job still follows God

24 Job says that people who know God sometimes do bad things


The part of these scriptures that resonated with me most was how Job’s friends really did not know him. Job was perfect and upright and served God in all he did. Job’s friends never conceived the possibility that Job was in so much trouble because of something outside himself. They insisted that the problem was that Job had some secret iniquity. Often people do not support their friends in time of trouble, but instead condemn their friends and say the problems they are facing are what they deserve. Perhaps we should be more understanding to our friends and support them in their time of need rather than condemning them.


Heavenly Father, I thank You for being my Lord and Savior. I thank You for my salvation and life. Lord I ask that you help me to be a better friend to my friends when they are going through hard time and need support, not condemnation. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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