Friday, August 20, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 39 Using the SOAP Method


Job 25 to Job 41


25 Job’s friend responds that if even the moon is not pure in God’s sight, how much lower is man

26 Job responded that we only see a portion of God’s greatness and that portion is tremendous in power

27 Job continues that no matter what, he will stay strong in his faith with God because without a right relationship with God, all is lost

28 Job continues that there are some things that are known only to God

29 Job continues to speak and says he wishes he was back before all the tragedy happened

30 Job continued and describes the depths of his problems and his current situation

31 Job says is he was improper in his actions, God should judge him for that behavior and that he has acted in what he thought were ways pleasing to God

32 A younger man in the group speaks and says Job’s friends were not able to change Job’s mind about Job’s righteousness so the young man will speak

33 The young man continues and says God is greater than man and that God shows things and man still does not know what God is saying

34 The young man agreed with the others that Job was being punished for sin and that on top of everything else Job was rebellious because Job insisted he had been acting righteously

35 The young man continued on in his condemnation of Job

36 The young man continued and said those who serve god are blessed

37 The young man continues and asks Job if Job knows of the wonders of God and the great things God does

38 God speaks to the group and asks them who are they to speak and what power do they have

39 God continues on listing powers He has that the people assembled do not have

40 God tells Job to dress up, man up, and that God will declare Job to be God’s

41 God declares that He is in charge of it all





What this group of scriptures makes me think of is the fact that when you do right, you need to stand firm in your faith in God and your belief in the greatness of God. Sometimes when we do the right thing, it may be unpopular. But when we are doing the right thing, we must stand strong in spite of the opposition against us. What this group of scripture reminds me of is that we need to be strong and to stand firm in our relationship with God and our commitment to do the right thing.


Heavenly Father, thank You for being god. Thank You for being my Lord and Savior. Lord, I thank You for being a protector and source of comfort and strength. Lord I ask that you give me strength to do the right thing and to stand strong on the right side of things no matte what the opposition. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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