Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Day 40

Bible in 90 Days Day 40 Using the SOAP Method


Job 42 to Psalm 24


42 Job told God, God could do anything, God told Job’s friends to go and make burnt sacrifices to Job and God would accept them from Job. God restored Job to greatness and gave him double what he had before. Job was comforted.

1 David says a man who delights in the law of God shall be blessed and he shall prosper

2 David says those who do not serve God are angry for pointless reasons and will not prosper in the end.

3 David says people may say there is no point in praying to God, but there is, salvation comes from God.

4 David asks the Lord to hear him when he calls and says God blesses the righteous

5 David asks God to hear him when he calls and acknowledges that God punishes the sinful

6 David acknowledges that he is weak and asks God not to be so displeased with him

7 David asks God to save him from his enemies and says that if he has done wrong to his enemies, turn David over to his enemies and asks God to judge him according to his integrity.

8 David talks about the excellence of God and how God has dominion over everything

9 David says he will praise God for ever and that God is a judge and a refuge

10 David asks why God is not near when he is in trouble

11 David says he puts his trust in God and God hates the wicked

12 David asks God for help because sometimes good men have problems and ungodly men are raised up

13. David asks how long the Lord will forget him and he still praises God

14 David says a fool says there is no God

15 David says those who will live in God’s tabernacle walk upright, work righteously, do not backbite, treat their neighbors properly, do not lend with usury and treat the innocent properly

16 David asks God to preserve him and asks God to show him the path of life

17 David asks God to hear his cry and guide his path

18 David says he will love God who is his strength and salvation and sings about the wonders God has done

19 Davis says that heaven declares Gods goodness and that the earth is proof of it. Davis asks that his words and thoughts be acceptable to God.

20 David discusses how God saves and blesses the annointed

21 David says the king will trust in God because the king has been blessed by God

22 David asks why God has forsaken him and talks about how others called out to God and were rescued

23 David describes God as a shepherd who is a caring protective provider

24 David says the earth belongs to God and that god is the king of glory




This section of scriptures strikes me because it is full of so many ways to praise God. There are so many ways to thank God for all He does and so many examples of His greatness. It makes me realize that I have been limited in my prayer and praise and need to step up.


Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your goodness, mercy, and kindness. Lord help me to give You the praise and recognition you deserve. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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