Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/12 Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday-because you have to stop trying to ice skate uphill and softly slide down hill into your destination. Many years ago I saw the movie "Blade" for the first time. There is a line from the movie that has always stuck in my head. The line is, "Some mother*&%%s always want to ice skate uphill." That line has stuck with me ever since. So many times in life, we are given choices: A. do things the hard way, forge ahead with no plan, just move forward with as much aggravation and misery as possible or B. do things the smart way, take step, prepare a plan of action, carry out the plan The amazing thing is that so many times, people will choose option A rather than option B. There are so many cliches that apply to this situation, the one that fist comes to mind is the tried and true,"those who fail to plan, plan to fail." We need to be people of action, of course that is true. We need to move forward with a plan and a purpose. Recently I was helping someone study for a test. The person had on-line textbook and a paper textbook. The textbook had summaries at the end of each chapter and at the end of each unit summaries describing the key points of each chapter. All the material to be learned laid out in a single page with simple easy to understand language. A person who never read a single page in the textbook could read the one page summary and pass any test on the material inside the book. That sounds wonderful doesn't it. The student did not know these study aids existed until I showed them. I was so disappointed. what kind student are you that you never examine all of your books, all your study materials? The saddest part, is that this behavior is not limited to students. do this Many people do this same behavior. They can create business plans that would help them start, run, and grow their businesses properly, but they don't. They could pay attention to what is going on with their children in school and in the street, but they don't. They could work on their marriages and try to make them work, but they don't. It's simple, make a plan and work it. It is stupid to ice skate uphill, it is smarter to slide down hill into our destinations. It is wonderful to do the right thing in the right way.

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