Saturday, September 15, 2012

Better Blogging One Step at a Time

Anyone who has read this blog knows that in addition to all my other jobs, I am a cheerleader, a motivator and someone who likes to share with others.  I am a member of a group of bloggers known as Shades of Social Media. This incredible group of women blog on everything from fashion, to being a mama, to running business enterprises and everything in between. The group has started a series of Twitter chats designed to help members get better at the business of blogging and have our first Twitter party scheduled for September 16, 2012  at 8:00 where we will focus on blog content. Please join us using the hashtag #SOSM.

Almost every day I come across at least one article that I think would be useful to me in my blogging activities.  I glance at them quickly and save them to read on Saturday.  The following links are things that I have come across this week and thought were great. You will see me using many of these ideas in the upcoming weeks so watch out. But, I am putting them here to share with everyone so if you see something you like, do it, use it, make it your own. 

1.  Six simple subscription buttons for Blogger
This has ideas and instructions for putting subscription buttons on the blog to make it easier for readers to interact with you and your blog.  My buttons need an update so this was very interesting for me, especially with instructions especially for my blogging platform - Blogger.

2.  Opportunities to make money blogging.
I got this link from a Shades of Social Media member who is pretty successful at getting brands and sponsors for her blog. It gave me some good ideas about things to do to get my blog ready to go to that level.

3.  When to follow and not to follow link ups.
I ask people to share links on my blog and I regularly link up with a fellow blogger for her Friday link-up. However I get a lot of requests for link ups from others so this article on when, why and how to link up effectively.  

4.  What to do with your blog after you post it.  After I post my blog to my website, I also post it other places and do some other things with it. If you are interested in increasing your number of followers, this article tells you twelve things to do with your blog after you post it in order to get more traffic. 

I will be back next week with a new  list of interesting resources. If you come across any articles that would are interesting, beneficial or useful to fellow bloggers,  please email them to me so I can put them on next week's resource list.  Until then, let's keep "Pushing Each Other Up."

So the question for you this blogging day is, what new thing have you learned that you want to share with your fellow bloggers?

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