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Wonderful Wednesday - Start the Day with Positive Affirmation

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to start the day with a positive affirmation.

Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of October the articles here will focus on starting the day in a way to make success more likely. In previous weeks, this space has been devoted to starting the day with prayer and to starting the day with a good attitude.  In upcoming weeks, this space will look at starting the day by looking at the end and starting the day planning to be happy. Today the Wonderful Wednesday way to start the day is with positive affirmation. 

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I believe that our words have power and that by saying things out loud we make it possible for things to happen. For that reason, I try to hard keep negative comments from coming out of my mouth. When they do slip out, I try to immediately utter positive words to cancel them out. (I guess all that algebra was good for something).  I have spent a great deal of time teaching each of my children to start each day with positive affirmations.  This is what I taught them to say (substituting their own names of course), "My name is Janeane Davis and I love me. God loves me and I am special."

People often ask me where I got the daily names for my blog article:

Magnificent Monday
Terrific Tuesday
Wonderful Wednesday
Thrilling Thursday
Fantastic Friday
Sensational Saturday 
Serene Sunday

The answer is quite simple. I made up the names because I wanted to have not just good days, but great days. So I started the name game and stuck with it. When I wake up on Monday, I know I have to find something magnificent to celebrate.The name of the day itself is a positive affirmation that I now am obligated to live out that affirmation.

Perhaps you are a person who does not believe that words have power, or  that positive affirmations make a difference, try the following experiment. Wake up tomorrow and before you get out of bed , and once an hour throughout the day say the following, "Today sucks. I am a person who no  one likes. Nothing is going to go my way today." Then on Friday, before you get out of bed, and once an hour throughout the day say the following, " Today is going to be Fantastic Friday. I am a great person. People want to be around me. Everything is going to turn out great today."  Then on Saturday morning, get up and look at each day to see which day turned out better. I am confident that your Friday will be better than your  Thursday.

There are books every where full of positive affirmations for every religion, occupation and point of you.  If you cannot find a book, or an internet link, check out Facebook. I have a friend, who blogs at My Pocketful of Thoughts and she always posts positive affirmations, blog articles and pretty pictures. Each day if you look at her Facebook page you will find a nice variety of positive affirmations from which to choose. 

If you are adventurous, make your own affirmations. Write them down on a calendar or notebook.  If you are a technology nut like I am, do what I do. Each day when I see an affirmation that I like, I add it to the calendar program on my Kindle fire and set it to repeat each year. This way, I never run out of positive affirmations. 

The idea I am trying to get across with this article is that starting your day with a positive affirmation is a way to help your day turn out to be better and more positive. So, the question for you this Wonderful Wednesday is what affirmation are you going to start your day with tomorrow?

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